Vol 5, No 3 (June 2016): Gland Surgery

Original Article

Factors affecting surgical margin recurrence after hepatectomy for colorectal liver metastases
Muhammet Akyuz, Federico Aucejo, Cristiano Quintini, Charles Miller, John Fung, Eren Berber
Vanishing tumors of thyroid: histological variations after fine needle aspiration
Parisha Bhatia, Ahmed Deniwar, Hossam Eldin Mohamed, Andrew Sholl, Fadi Murad, Rizwan Aslam, Emad Kandil
Current status of breast reconstruction in China: an experience of 951 breast reconstructions from a single institute
Nai-Si Huang, Chen-Lian Quan, Lin-Xiao-Xi Ma, Jing Si, Jia-Jian Chen, Ben-Long Yang, Xiao-Yan Huang, Guang-Yu Liu, Zhen-Zhou Shen, Zhi-Min Shao, Jiong Wu
The use of the Alexis® device in breast augmentation to improve outcomes: a comparative randomized case-control survey
Luca Andrea Dessy, Nefer Fallico, Francesco Serratore, Diego Ribuffo, Marco Mazzocchi
Minimally invasive thyroidectomy: a ten years experience
Paolo Del Rio, Lorenzo Viani, Chiara Montana Montana, Federico Cozzani, Mario Sianesi
Non-stereotactic method involving combination of ultrasound-guided wire localization and vacuum-assisted breast biopsy for microcalcification
Jeeyeon Lee, Ho Yong Park, Jin Hyang Jung, Wan Wook Kim, Seung Ook Hwang, Taek Ju Kwon, Jin Ho Chung, Youngtae Bae


A meta-analysis examining the independent association between thyroid nodule size and malignancy
AbdulRahman Y. Hammad, Salem I. Noureldine, Tian Hu, Yasin Ibrahim, Hammad M. Masoodi, Emad Kandil

Review Article

Autoimmune pancreatitis
Ayodeji Oluwarotimi Omiyale

Review Article on Thyroid/parathyroid: the alternative surgical approaches (Section Editor: Xinying Li)1

Endoscopic thyroidectomy: retroauricular approach
Doh Young Lee, Seung-Kuk Baek, Kwang-Yoong Jung
Endoscopic thyroidectomy: the transoral approach
Kai Witzel, Achim Hellinger, Cornelia Kaminski, Tahar Benhidjeb
Robotic thyroidectomy and cervical neck dissection for thyroid cancer
Se Hyun Paek, Kyung Ho Kang
Endoscopic and robotic parathyroidectomy in patients with primary hyperparathyroidism
Laurent Brunaud, Zhen Li, Klaas Van Den Heede, Thomas Cuny, Sam Van Slycke


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