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Autologous reconstruction following nipple sparing mastectomy: a comprehensive review of the current literature

	author = {Paul Shay and Jordan Jacobs},
	title = {Autologous reconstruction following nipple sparing mastectomy: a comprehensive review of the current literature},
	journal = {Gland Surgery},
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	keywords = {},
	abstract = {As surgical methods continue to evolve and patients become more educated consumers of their medical care, both oncologic breast surgeons and reconstructive plastic surgeons should understand the current options for surgical management of breast cancer. This review evaluates the current autologous breast reconstruction options following nipple sparing mastectomy (NSM). A comprehensive review of the current literature discussing autologous reconstruction after NSM was performed. Fat grafting alone has been used to reconstruct small to medium sized-breasts over multiple injection sessions. Goldilocks mastectomy-like reconstructions can be used for larger, more ptotic breasts. Pedicled latissimus dorsi (LD) flaps can be used, but usually need to be modified to ensure sufficient breast volume. While the lower abdominal tissue remains the most common donor site in free tissue transfer, other donor sites can be used if there is insufficient volume or inadequate perforators. Periareolar incisions are associated with the highest rates of overall complications and nipple areola complex necrosis. It has not been determined whether implant-based or autologous reconstructions have lower complication rates. Both prior radiation and large, ptotic breasts present unique challenges during reconstruction. Overall, there is a high rate of patient satisfaction with breast reconstruction following NSM. Autologous breast reconstruction after NSM is a safe method of breast cancer surgical management with aesthetically excellent results. Multiple techniques have been described along the reconstructive ladder. Special consideration should be given to choices of incision, previously irradiated breasts, and large, ptotic breasts.},
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