Vol 6, No 6 (December 2017): Gland Surgery

Original Article

Robotic and endoscopic transoral thyroidectomy: feasibility and description of the technique in the cadaveric model
Bora Kahramangil, Khuzema Mohsin, Hassan Alzahrani, Daniah Bu Ali, Syed Tausif, Sang-Wook Kang, Emad Kandil, Eren Berber
Concordance between preoperative computed tomography angiographic mapping and intraoperative perforator selection for deep inferior epigastric artery perforator flap breast reconstructions
Vivian B. Boer, Jan J. van Wingerden, Carolien F. Wever, Joost J. Kardux, Michiel R. Beets, Hester J. van der Zaag-Loonen, Willem J. Theuvenet
Thyroid nodules coexisting with either cystic or solid breast nodules: a new clue for this association between nodules coming from ultrasonography
Alessandro Sindoni, Fausto Fama’, Antonio Rosano’, Claudio Scisca, Gianlorenzo Dionigi, Christian A. Koch, Maria Gioffrè-Florio, Salvatore Benvenga
Near total parathyroidectomy for the treatment of renal hyperparathyroidism
Marco Puccini, Cristina Ceccarelli, Ophelia Meniconi, Claudia Zullo, Valerio Prosperi, Mario Miccoli, Lucio Urbani, Piero Buccianti
Comparison of indocyanine green fluorescence and parathyroid autofluorescence imaging in the identification of parathyroid glands during thyroidectomy
Bora Kahramangil, Eren Berber
Development of a surgical algorithm by using pre-operative imaging to predict mammoplasty cosmetic outcomes for large non-malignant tumours
Geok-Hoon Lim, Ruey Pyng Ng, Lester Chee Hao Leong
Conservative mastectomy versus nipple-sparing mastectomy: preliminary considerations of oncological safety on 30 patients not receiving intra-operative radiotherapy
Tito Brambullo, Erica Dalla Venezia, Stefano Martella, Vincenzo Vindigni, Franco Bassetto, Alessandra Gottardi, Visnu Lohsiriwat, Jean-Yves Petit, Paolo Veronesi, Mario Rietjens
A critical look at the effect of hyperbaric oxygen on the ischemic nipple following nipple sparing mastectomy and implant based reconstruction: a case series
John Shuck, Neil O’ Kelly, Matthew Endara, Maurice Y. Nahabedian
Inadvertent parathyroidectomy risk factors in 1,373 thyroidectomies—male gender and presence of lymphadenopathy, but not size of gland, independently increase the risk
Ioannis Christakis, Penny Zacharopoulou, Georgios Galanopoulos, Ilias-Demetrios Kafetzis, Spiros Dimas, Nikolaos Roukounakis
21-gene recurrence assay in patients receiving intraoperative radiotherapy: are “favorable” characteristics a surrogate for low recurrence?
Bridget A. Oppong, Surupa Sen Gupta, Monique Gary, Patricia Wehner, Mihriye Mete, Danjing Zhao, Sulakshana Seevaratnam, Sonali Rudra, Shawna C. Willey
Early multicentre experience of pre-pectoral implant based immediate breast reconstruction using Braxon®
Sadaf Jafferbhoy, Mihir Chandarana, Maria Houlihan, Rishikesh Parmeshwar, Sankaran Narayanan, Soni Soumian, Simon Harries, Lucie Jones, Dayalan Clarke
Central round block repair of large breast resection defects: oncologic and aesthetic outcomes
Russell J. Bramhall, Jason Lee, Mae Concepcion, David Westbroek, Sarah Huf, Kabir Mohammed, Paul Thiruchelvam, Gerald P. Gui
Oncoplastic breast conserving surgery with tailored needleguided excision
Fernando Hernanz, Mónica González-Noriega, Sonia Sánchez, Lucia Paz, Pedro Muñoz, Sandra Hermana
Enhancing breast projection in autologous reconstruction using the St Andrew’s coning technique and 3D volumetric analysis
Michael P. Chae, Warren Matthew Rozen, Nakul Gamanlal Patel, David J. Hunter-Smith, Venkat Ramakrishnan

Review Article

A systematic review of intraoperative process mapping in surgery
Ru Dee Chung, David J. Hunter-Smith, Robert T. Spychal, Venkat V. Ramakrishnan, Warren Matthew Rozen

Visualized Surgery

Modified transoral endoscopic thyroid surgery for treatment of thyroid cancer: operative steps and video
Xiao-Wei Peng, Hui Li, Zan Li, Xiao Zhou, Da-Jiang Song, Bo Zhou, Chun-Liu Lv, Wen Peng


Erratum to propeller thoracodorsal artery perforator flap for breast reconstruction
Claudio Angrigiani, Alberto Rancati, Ezequiel Escudero, Guillermo Artero, Gustavo Gercovich, Ernesto Gil Deza
Erratum to comparative study of software techniques for 3D mapping of perforators in deep inferior epigastric artery perforator flap planning
Michael P. Chae, David J. Hunter-Smith, Warren Matthew Rozen
Erratum to immediate breast volume replacement using a free dermal fat graft after breast cancer surgery: multi-institutional joint research of short-term outcomes in 262 Japanese patients
Yuko Kijima, Chihaya Koriyama, Teruhiko Fujii, Kouichi Hirokaga, Kiyoshi Ishigure, Tomoyo Kaneko, Shuji Kayano, Sachio Miyamoto, Yasuaki Sagara, Takashi Sakurai, Teruhisa Sakurai, Keiichi Sotome, Hiroaki Ueo, Kazuyuki Wakita, Masahiro Watatani