Vol 6, No 1 (February 2017): Gland Surgery

Original Article

Nipple-areolar complex reconstruction and patient satisfaction: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Ellen S. Satteson, Benjamin J. Brown, Maurice Y. Nahabedian
Does neoadjuvant chemotherapy affect morbidity, mortality, reoperations, or readmissions in patients undergoing lumpectomy or mastectomy for breast cancer?
Jeffrey Landercasper, Barbara Bennie, Mallory S. Bray, Choua A. Vang, Jared H. Linebarger
Evaluation of discrepancies in weights of fresh and fixed specimens in breast surgery: a retrospective cohort study
Dinesh Thekkinkattil
Evaluating the performance of National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) breast and ovarian genetic/familial high risk assessment referral criteria for breast cancer women in an Asian surgical breast clinic
GeokHoon Lim, Eillen Borje, John C. Allen Jr
Factors influencing the decision to pursue immediate breast reconstruction after mastectomy for breast cancer
Mariska Weenk, Philipp Wunschel, Erwin Heine, Luc J. Strobbe
Capsular contracture in implant based breast reconstruction—the effect of porcine acellular dermal matrix
Alessia M. Lardi, Mark Ho-Asjoe, Klaus Junge, Jian Farhadi
Impact of value based breast cancer care pathway implementation on pre-operative breast magnetic resonance imaging utilization
Devina K. S. McCray, Stephen R. Grobmyer, Holly J. Pederson
Preoperative psychosocial characteristics may predict body image and sexuality two years after risk-reducing mastectomy: a prospective study
Dmytro Unukovych, Hemming Johansson, Yvonne Brandberg
Breast reconstruction with absorbable mesh sling: dynamic infrared thermography of skin envelope
Yoko Hashimoto, Naoki Watanabe, Takeshi Yuasa, Yoshinori Suzuki, Hiroshi Saisho