Review Article

Adipose regeneration and implications for breast reconstruction: update and the future

Emman J. Combellack, Zita M. Jessop, Naghmeh Naderi, Michelle Griffin, Thomas Dobbs, Amel Ibrahim, Stephen Evans, Stephanie Burnell, Shareen H. Doak, Iain S. Whitaker


The evolution of breast reconstruction and management of breast cancer has evolved significantly since the earliest descriptions in the Edwin Smith Papyrus (3,000 BC). The development of surgical and scientific expertise has changed the way that women are managed, and plastic surgeons are now able to offer a wide range of reconstructive options to suit individual needs. Beyond the gold standard autologous flap based reconstructions, regenerative therapies promise the elimination of donor site morbidity whilst providing equivalent aesthetic and functional outcomes. Future research aims to address questions regarding ideal cell source, optimisation of scaffold composition and interaction of de novo adipose tissue in the microenvironment of breast cancer.

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