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Risk-reducing, conservative mastectomy—analysis of surgical outcome and quality of life in 272 implant-based reconstructions using TiLoop® Bra versus autologous corial flaps

Mahdi Rezai, Stefanie Strauß, Rainer Kimmig, Peter Kern


Background: Different approaches have evolved for conservative mastectomies, mostly according to surgeon’s preference. Patients’ perspective was not always in the primary focus. BRCA status has drawn much attention and therapeutic as well as prophylactic mastectomies are rising. However, knowledge on quality of life (QoL) thereafter is limited. We investigated the surgical and patient reported outcome of conservative mastectomies with implants and TiLoop® Bra vs. corial flaps.
Methods: Conservative mastectomies were analyzed from a prospectively maintained database in a unicentric study of consecutive 272 reconstructions from 2000-2014. We used four validated QoL questionnaires: FACT-G, EORTC C-30, EORTC B-23 and Breast Cancer Treatment Outcome Scale (BCTOS). The use of TiLoop® Bra, a titanized polypropylene mesh, for lower breast pole coverage was compared to autologous corial flaps.
Results: A total of 217 patients with 272 conservative mastectomies (55 bilateral) were included. Median follow-up was 3.5 years (range, 0-14 years). Skin-sparing mastectomy (SSM) was performed in 131 patients and subcutaneous mastectomy (SCM) in 86 patients. Invasive breast-cancer was the indication for surgery in 106 patients, non-invasive breast cancer (DCIS) in 80 patients, prophylactic indication (BRCA1/2-mutation) in 30 patients and contralateral alignment in 1 patient. TiLoop® Bra was used in 78 and corial flap in 79 patients. Response to questionnaires was 70%. TiLoop® Bra improved aesthetic results (P=0.049) and prevented implant dislocation (P=0.009). All patients expressed their adherence to the decision for surgery. Patients with SCM expressed their satisfaction even to a higher extent than those with SSM, particulary with regard to symmetry (P=0.018) and scars (P=0.037).
Conclusions: QoL after conservative mastectomies is demonstrated as excellent in several validated QoLinstruments. Double-plane technique for coverage of the implant yields good results with autologous corial flaps and Tiloop® Bra, favouring the latter in terms of aesthetics and prevention of implant dislocation.

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