Oncoplastic breast surgery in Australia and New Zealand—2014 and beyond

Michael Yunaev, Guy Hingston


Oncoplastic breast surgery (OBS) is an established field of surgery bringing together oncological and reconstructive principles to the surgical management of breast disease, which is yet to make inroads into some areas of Australia and New Zealand (A&NZ). Both patients and medical fraternity are supportive of these approaches and improved quality of life and aesthetic outcomes resulting from their application. Oncological outcomes have been shown to be no different when these oncoplastic approaches are utilised. There is a broad interest amongst breast surgeons regarding OBS and development of their own skills. However a new and improved method of training the current and the next generation of breast surgeons is required. This has already begun in some countries such as the UK, but is slower in A&NZ region. Some of the obstacles in training of OBS to the next generation of surgeons are discussed and highlighted.This year first steps in formalised training approaches are being made. The future of breast surgery is likely to involve OBS as part of mainstream surgical management of breast disease.