Kazuaki Takabe, MD, PhD, FACS

Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine, and Massey Cancer Center, Richmond, USA

Dr. Kazuaki Takabe is an Associate Professor of Surgery, and Biochemistry & Molecular Biology at Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine and Massey Cancer Center.

Dr. Takabe is a Surgeon-Scientist who conducts both basic and clinical research in a broad range of topics including Breast, Gastrointestinal tract including the Liver, and Surgery. His clinical practice is general surgical oncology with a focus on breast surgery. He is Principal Investigator of NIH-R01 grant (R01CA160688) and Susan G. Komen Investigator Initiated Research Award (IIR12222224). He serves as a member of the Editorial Board in 8 peer-reviewed medical journals. His main basic research interest is on the roles of Sphingosine-1 phosphate (S1P) in cancer, which was discovered to be a novel lipid signaling molecule. Dr. Takabe’s laboratory discovered the mechanism of how S1P, which is generated inside breast cancer cells, is exported outside to perform “inside-out” signaling, and reported the role of S1P in inflammation, lymphangiogenesis and metastasis. Dr. Takabe has published more than 60 peer-reviewed manuscripts on both basic and clinical topics in journals such as Cancer Cell, Pharmacological Reviews, PNAS, Hepatology, Cancer Research, FASEB Journal, Brest Cancer Research and Treatment, Surgery, and Gland Surgery.

Terms of Appointment: March, 2013 - February, 2018; March, 2018 - February, 2023