Kennichi Kakudo, MD, PhD

Department of Pathology, Kindai University Faculty of Medicine, Nara Hospital, Nara, Japan

Dr. Kennichi Kakudo was former chairman of Department of Human Pathology (1992-2011), Wakayama Medical University and is professor, Department of Pathology, Kindai University Faculty of Medicine (2012-present), Japan. He was a meeting president of the 9th Annual Meeting of Japanese Society of Endocrine Pathology in Kobe, the 2011 Annual Meeting of Endocrine Pathology Society (US-CAP companion meeting) in Washington DC, the 52nd Fall Meeting of Japanese Society of Pathology in Wakayama and the 49th Fall Meeting of Japanese Society of Clinical Cytology in Kobe. He is a founding member of the Asian Working Group in Thyroid Cytology and the international NIFTP working group.

Dr. Kakudo’s principle research interests have been in histological diagnosis and prognostic factors of the thyroid, parathyroid, prostate and breast cancers. He has more than 300 publications in English in peer-review Journals. He serves on review boards in many journals and 2 editorial boards, including Endocrine Pathology and Gland Surgery. He is an author of book chapters in the 2017 WHO Classification of Tumors of endocrine organs, IARC, the second edition Endocrine Pathology, Differential Diagnosis and Molecular Advances, Springer and the second edition Bethesda system, Springer, and an editor of Thyroid FNA Cytology, Differential Diagnoses and Pitfalls, 1st and 2nd editions. He is also an author of several clinical guidelines including the Japan Thyroid Association, “Guidelines for Clinical Practice for the Management of Thyroid Nodules in Japan 2013 (in Japanese) and the Japanese Society of Thyroid Surgery, “the 5th and 6th edition General Rules for the Description of Thyroid Cancer”, (in Japanese).

Terms of Appointment: September, 2018 - August, 2020