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Oncoplastic breast surgery: current strategies

	author = {Merisa Piper and Anne Warren Peled and Hani Sbitany},
	title = {Oncoplastic breast surgery: current strategies},
	journal = {Gland Surgery},
	volume = {4},
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	year = {2015},
	keywords = {},
	abstract = {The surgical management of breast cancer has dramatically evolved over the past 20 years, with oncoplastic surgery gaining increased popularity. This field of breast surgery allows for complete resection of tumor, preservation of normal parenchyma tissue, and the use of local or regional tissue for immediate breast reconstruction at the time of partial mastectomy. These techniques extend the options for breast conservation surgery, improve aesthetic outcomes, have high patient satisfaction and result in better control of tumor margins. This article will detail the approach to evaluating and treating patients undergoing oncoplastic reconstruction. Different oncoplastic approaches will be described and applied to an oncoplastic reconstructive algorithm. Surgical complications, oncologic outcomes and aesthetic outcomes are reviewed.},
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