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Minimally invasive surgical management of benign breast lesions

	author = {Anna Lakoma and Eugene S. Kim},
	title = {Minimally invasive surgical management of benign breast lesions},
	journal = {Gland Surgery},
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	abstract = {Benign breast disease is common among women, and when symptomatic, definitive surgical management is preferred by both clinicians and patients. Given the nonmalignant nature of these lesions, an important factor in treatment is cosmesis. Novel minimally invasive techniques for breast lesions are rapidly emerging and demonstrate good efficacy, safety and cosmesis. This review will describe minimally invasive techniques of breast lesions via surgical and percutaneous approaches and discuss the outcomes, advantages and limitations for each. Based on promising initial results, the future standard of care for benign breast lesions may focus on one or more of these minimally invasive techniques.},
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