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Patient related outcome measures for breast augmentation mammoplasty: a systematic review

	author = {Daniel C. Williams and Marc A. Seifman and David J. Hunter-Smith},
	title = {Patient related outcome measures for breast augmentation mammoplasty: a systematic review},
	journal = {Gland Surgery},
	volume = {8},
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	year = {2019},
	keywords = {},
	abstract = {We review the current literature for validated patient related outcome measures (PROM) in breast augmentation mammoplasty (BAM). Using Medline search between 1966 to 2018, using the search strategy (“patient reported outcome measure” OR “surveys or questionnaires”) AND “breast” AND (“augment” OR “implant”) was performed. A manual search with Google Scholar using the search term “Patient Reported Outcome Measures in Bilateral Augmentation Mammaplasty” was also performed. Once the search yielded its results, a further search of bibliographic references within the articles was also performed. The Medline computer search produced 72 results, with a Google Scholar search yielding two results and a bibliographic search of all articles revealing a further single result. Ten studies were included as they used validated PROM. Three articles used the same PROM (Breast-Q) and seven used different PROM, therefore 8 validated PROM were discovered. Bilateral augmentation mammoplasty has been demonstrated to confer an increase in patient reported outcomes in domains of satisfaction with breasts and psychological well-being. There is some decrease in physical well-being following this procedure. Validated PROMs provide objective data relating to different aspects of BAM. Combined with traditional surgeon-based outcome measures and implant registry data, they may provide a more comprehensive insight into the patient journey.},
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