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Visualized oncoplastic surgery of the breast I: inferior and medial quadrantectomy

	author = {Alberto Rancati and Claudio Angrigiani and Julio Dorr and Marcelo Irigo and Maurizio B. Nava and Giuseppe Catanuto and Nicola Rocco and Agustin Rancati},
	title = {Visualized oncoplastic surgery of the breast I: inferior and medial quadrantectomy},
	journal = {Gland Surgery},
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	year = {2019},
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	abstract = {Surgical treatment of breast cancer has changed during the last few decades. Long-term evaluation of several studies performed worldwide have confirmed that conservative surgery (CS) and radical mastectomy have similar survival rates. Due to CS being the gold standard for treatment for most women with breast cancer, advances in materials, mastectomy and reconstructive surgery techniques, now give us the possibility to perform on our patients a great outcome with oncological security. Both advances, in plastic and oncologic surgery, created a new discipline, called oncoplastic breast surgery, that allow surgeons to resect large breast specimens preventing subsequent deformities with the correct previous planning. This is particularly important when more than 30% of the breast volume will be resected because it allows for planning CS depending on the site of the lesion and for establishing the limits between CS and mastectomy.},
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