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Intraoperative radiotherapy of the breast - really a valide option or “only” comfortable

	author = {Marc D. Piroth},
	title = {Intraoperative radiotherapy of the breast - really a valide option or “only” comfortable},
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	keywords = {},
	abstract = {Intraoperative radiotherapy (IORT) of the breast is an innovative treatment option for early breast cancer and has rapidly entered clinical practice in the last years. There are several indications using a breast IORT. Generally accepted because of excellent long-term results is the intraoperative tumorbed boost followed by an external whole breast irradiation (WBI) (1,2). Considering that most in-breast tumor recurrences are seen in or near to the initial tumor site (3-7) partial breast irradiation (PBI) as the sole radiotherapy treatment modality is of large interest. Different PBI techniques, such as an IORT with electrons or 50 kV X-rays (Intrabeam©), the interstitial multicatheter or balloncatheter (Mammosite©) brachytherapy or also the 3D conformal external beam radiotherapy are in clinical use [overview in (8,9)], whereby no superiority could be shown for one of them.},
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