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Trans-oral glasses-free three-dimensional endoscopic thyroidectomy—preliminary single center experiences

	author = {Yi-Ke Zeng and Zhi-Yu Li and Wen-Liang Xuan and Jian-Xing He},
	title = {Trans-oral glasses-free three-dimensional endoscopic thyroidectomy—preliminary single center experiences},
	journal = {Gland Surgery},
	volume = {5},
	number = {6},
	year = {2016},
	keywords = {},
	abstract = {Glass-free three-dimensional (3D) endoscopic provide excellent depth perception without decreasing light quality and fog formation. Herein we report our first case-serial of trans-oral endoscopic thyroidectomy by means of our newly developed glasses-free 3D endoscopic system. Four patients with thyroid goiter undergone trans-oral glasses-free 3D endosocpic thyroidectomy were reviewed. Mean BMI of these patients was 20.98±2.91 kg/m2. The dominate nodule of the thyroid was no more than 5 cm in diameter in all patients. Operation duration was 189.00±39.14 min, and mean Intraoperative blood loss was 7.50±2.89 mL. No postoperative complications were observed. All patients were satisfied with the cosmetic result. The use of a glasses-free 3D system in trans-oral endoscopic thyroidectomy is safe and effective. The clear image casted to the surgeon can greatly facilitate precise surgical movement and reduce eye fatigue. Further comparative studies should be conducted to confirm our conclusions.},
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