Vol 5, No 2 (April 2016): Gland Surgery (New Technology in Breast Reconstruction)


New technology in breast reconstruction
Warren Matthew Rozen, David J. Hunter-Smith

Original Article

The microvascular anastomotic coupler for venous anastomoses in free flap breast reconstruction improves outcomes
Edmund Fitzgerald O’Connor, Warren Matthew Rozen, Muhammad Chowdhry, Nakul Gamanlal Patel, Whitney T.H. Chow, Matthew Griffiths, Venkat V. Ramakrishnan
Preoperative computed tomography angiography for planning DIEP flap breast reconstruction reduces operative time and overall complications
Edmund Fitzgerald O’Connor, Warren Matthew Rozen, Muhammad Chowdhry, Bassam Band, Venkat V. Ramakrishnan, Matthew Griffiths
Comparative study of software techniques for 3D mapping of perforators in deep inferior epigastric artery perforator flap planning
Michael P. Chae, David J. Hunter-Smith, Warren Matthew Rozen
Three routine free flaps per day in a single operating theatre: principles of a process mapping approach to improving surgical efficiency
Dan Marsh, Nakul Gamanlal Patel, Warren Matthew Rozen, Muhammed Chowdhry, Hrsikesa Sharma, Venkat V. Ramakrishnan
Stacked and bipedicled abdominal free flaps for breast reconstruction: considerations for shaping
Patel Nakul Gamanlal, Warren Matthew Rozen, Whitney T.H. Chow, Muhammad Chowdhry, Edmund Fitzgerald O’Connor, Hrsikesa Sharma, Matthew Griffiths, Venkat V. Ramakrishnan
Clinical applications of dynamic infrared thermography in plastic surgery: a systematic review
Hannah Eliza John, Vachara Niumsawatt, Warren Matthew Rozen, Iain S. Whitaker
Indocyanine green-based fluorescent angiography in breast reconstruction
Matthew Griffiths, Michael P. Chae, Warren Matthew Rozen
Modern use of smartphone applications in the perioperative management in microsurgical breast reconstruction
Nakul Gamanlal Patel, Warren Matthew Rozen, Daniel Marsh, Whitney T.H. Chow, Tobias Vickers, Lubna Khan, George S. Miller, David J. Hunter-Smith, Venkat V. Ramakrishnan

Systematic Review

Alloplastic adjuncts in breast reconstruction
Miguel S. Cabalag, Marie Rostek, George S. Miller, Michael P. Chae, Tam Quinn, Warren M. Rozen, David J. Hunter-Smith
Prosthetic breast reconstruction: indications and update
Tam T. Quinn, George S. Miller, Marie Rostek, Miguel S. Cabalag, Warren M. Rozen, David J. Hunter-Smith

Review Article

Magnetic resonance angiography in perforator flap breast reconstruction
Julie V. Vasile, Joshua L. Levine
Breast volumetric analysis for aesthetic planning in breast reconstruction: a literature review of techniques
Michael P. Chae, Warren Matthew Rozen, Robert T. Spychal, David J. Hunter-Smith
Adipose regeneration and implications for breast reconstruction: update and the future
Emman J. Combellack, Zita M. Jessop, Naghmeh Naderi, Michelle Griffin, Thomas Dobbs, Amel Ibrahim, Stephen Evans, Stephanie Burnell, Shareen H. Doak, Iain S. Whitaker
Advances in imaging technologies for planning breast reconstruction
Anita T. Mohan, Michel Saint-Cyr


The series “New technology in Breast Reconstruction” was commissioned by the editorial office, Gland Surgery without any sponsorship or funding. Drs. Warren Matthew Rozen and David J. Hunter-Smith served as the unpaid Guest Editors for the series.