Article Abstract

Modern use of smartphone applications in the perioperative management in microsurgical breast reconstruction

Authors: Nakul Gamanlal Patel, Warren Matthew Rozen, Daniel Marsh, Whitney T.H. Chow, Tobias Vickers, Lubna Khan, George S. Miller, David J. Hunter-Smith, Venkat V. Ramakrishnan


Background: Advances in mobile telecommunication, improved mobile internet and affordability have led to a significant increase in smartphone use within medicine. The capability of instant messaging, photography, videography, word processing, drawing and internet access allow significant potential in this small portable device. Smartphone use within medicine has grown tremendously worldwide given its affordability, improved internet and capabilities.
Methods: We have searched for apps specifically helpful in the perioperative care of microsurgical breast reconstructive patients.
Results: The useful apps have been subdivided: (I) communication apps—multimedia messaging, WhatsApp, PicSafeMedi: allow efficient communication via text, picture and video messages leading to earlier assessment and definitive management of free flaps; (II) storage apps—Notability, Elogbook: electronic storage of patient notes and logbooks of case which can be shared with others if required; (III) educational apps—FlapApp, Touch Surgery, PubMed on tap: step by step guides to surgical procedures to aid learning and medical journal database; (IV) flap monitoring app—SilpaRamanitor: free flap monitoring app based on photographic analysis for earlier detection of compromised flaps.
Conclusions: There has been remarkable growth in smartphones use among surgeons. Apps are being developed for every conceivable use. The future will be in wearable smart devices that allow continuous monitoring with the potential to instigate change should deviations from the norm occur. The smart watch is the start of this digital revolution.