Transaxillary single-incision robotic neck dissection for metastatic thyroid cancer

Sang-Wook Kang, Woong Youn Chung


In head and neck area, neck dissection (ND) is one of the most complex and precision-needed procedure. The long cervical scar and post-operative neck discomfort have been also inevitable brands after this procedure. Heretofore, few dare to try endoscopic surgical technique to the ND mainly due to its complexity and jeopardy of complication. Although, there have been several reports about the endoscopic approaches for functional ND or ND, they had so many technical and instrumental limitations. The dexterities of the surgical robotics have advanced the techniques of endoscopic surgery, and have facilitated the most precise and delicate endoscopic surgical procedure in head and neck area. The technical feasibility and early surgical outcomes of robotic ND using the transaxillary approach for the management of metastatic thyroid cancer have already been reported as satisfactory. Robotic ND can allow complete compartment-oriented lymph node (LN) dissection without any fatal complications, or compromising oncologic principles. We previously described a novel method of robotic thyroidectomy with ND using a gasless transaxillary approach for metastatic thyroid cancer, and here, we firstly introduce a less invasive robotic procedure which has been modified from the original one, which we refer to as the transaxillary single-incision robotic ND.