Oncoplastic techniques in breast surgery for special therapeutic problems

Prakasit Chirappapha, Panuwat Lertsithichai, Thongchai Sukarayothin, Monchai Leesombatpaiboon, Chairat Supsamutchai, Youwanush Kongdan


Resection of large tumors can be challenging, from the view point of breast preservation. Oncoplastic techniques are a valuable component of breast surgery in patients with large breast tumors who desire breast preservation. These techniques have been shown to be oncologically safe, while maintaining acceptable breast cosmesis. For locally advanced or recurrent breast cancers, the goals of surgery include local disease control and palliation of clinical symptoms. Oncoplastic surgery is also effective and oncologically safe in these situations. The need to completely remove all foci of cancers with adequate surgical margins often requires the displacement of adjacent or distant skin and soft tissue to cover the resulting soft tissue defect. Sometimes doing so can be cosmetically pleasing as well. In this article we present three special therapeutic problems in three distinct conditions, all resolved with oncoplastic techniques: the benign breast condition, malignant breast condition, and the palliative setting.