Use of latissimus dorsi muscle onlay patch alternative to acellular dermal matrix in implant-based breast reconstruction

Jeeyeon Lee, Youngtae Bae


Background: An acellular dermal matrix (ADM) is applied to release the surrounding muscles and prevent dislocation or rippling of the implant. We compared implant-based breast reconstruction using the latissimus dorsi (LD) muscle, referred to as an “LD muscle onlay patch,” with using an ADM.
Method: A total of 56 patients (60 breasts) underwent nipple sparing mastectomy with implant-based breast reconstruction using an ADM or LD muscle onlay patch. Cosmetic outcomes were assessed 4 weeks after chemotherapy or radiotherapy, and statistical analyses were performed.
Results: Mean surgical time and hospital stay were significantly longer in the LD muscle onlay patch group than the ADM group. However, there were no statistically significant differences between groups in postoperative complications. Cosmetic outcomes for breast symmetry and shape were higher in the LD muscle onlay patch group.
Conclusions: Implant-based breast reconstruction with an LD muscle onlay patch would be a feasible alternative to using an ADM.