Article Abstract

Thyrolipomatosis: an inquisitive rare entity

Authors: Rajasekhar Vijay Rama Sanuvada, Amit Kumar Chowhan, Nandyala Rukmangadha, Rashmi Patnayak, Mutheeswariya Yootla, Lakshmi Yadagiri Amancharla


It is rare to find diffuse presence of mature adipose tissue inside thyroid gland which defines thyrolipomatosis. We report a case of a 32-year-old hyperthyroid female on suppression therapy since the past 2 years presenting with diffuse thyroid swelling. She underwent total thyroidectomy and the histopathology revealed features of thyrolipomatosis. As fat containing lesions of thyroid include not only non-neoplastic lesions but neoplasms also, including an occasional malignant one, rendering a correct diagnosis is essential.