Article Abstract

Giant mucinous cystadenoma: case report with review of literature

Authors: Sadaf Ali, Atthar Bashir


Cystic tumors of the pancreas are rare and can be confused with hydatid cyst especially in endemic areas like ours. We present a 30-year-old woman with a huge mucinous cystadenoma of the pancreas initially diagnosed and prepared on table as hydatid cyst. After incising the cyst the diagnosis of cystic tumor was considered and underwent total excision with spleen and healthy pancreatic margin. Histologically and biochemistry of fluid confirmed potentially benign mucinous cystic tumor of pancreas tumor excision after histological diagnosis. Sensitivity of radiological imaging values in differentiating between cystic pancreatic tumors and other limited. Cyst wall histology is diagnostic and biopsy of cyst wall should be done in cases with inconclusive preoperative diagnosis or questionable operative findings.