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Day case parathyroidectomy: is this the right way for the patients?

Authors: Rocco Rago, Francesco Forfori, Gianluca Frustaci, Roberta Monzani, Simone Paracchini, Francesca Franceschini, Filomena Cetani, Gabriele Materazzi


Background: Minimally-invasive video-assisted parathyroidectomy (MIVAP) can be considered as the primary treatment of choice for single parathyroid adenoma. Often, this technique is performed in a day surgery setting and is associated with regional anaesthesia (RA). Many studies have already reported the feasibility and safety of MIVAP in day surgery. Here our focus has been on the patient’s personal experience with these procedures through an assessment of their recovery at home.
Methods: We conducted a prospective observational study in the University Hospital of Pisa Day Surgery Unit. Forty-eight patients were enrolled and divided by personal choice of anaesthesia technique: a regional anaesthesia group (RAg) and general anaesthesia group (GAg). Data were extracted from the medical records and three questionnaires: the first was self-compiled at discharge (Q1), while the second (Q2) and the third (Q3) were administered as telephone surveys.
Results: None of the patients in RAg reported pain longer than 1 day after discharge, whereas 15% of patients in GAg reported pain relief the third day after discharge (P=0.0065). Discharge in RAg was within 3 hours in 12.5% of patients, within 4 hours in 78.1%, and within 5 hours in 9.4%. Discharge in GAg was within 5 hours in 53.8% and in more than 5 hours in 46.1% (P=0.0027).
Conclusions: Patients highly appreciated day-case parathyroidectomy. Furthermore, the association of RA with MIVAP leads to better results than those of general anaesthesia (GA) and MIVAP. Finally, we point out that it is fundamental that the physicians pay attention to what the patients consider important for them; that is, the personal meaning of the hospitalization.

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