Article Abstract

Inframammary fold subcutaneous cushion assessment using MRI (magnetic resonance imaging)

Authors: Maria Cecilia Closs Ono, Anne Karoline Groth, Alfredo Benjamin Duarte da Silva, Renato da Silva Freitas, Christiane Sayuri Kawasaki, Dayane Raquel de Paula, Maria Alice Zarate Nissel


Background: The inframammary fold (IMF) is one of the most important elements in the determination of the aesthetic of the female breast. During mastectomies, it is important to preserve the subcutaneous portion nearby the IMF, attempting that, this preservation will greatly facilitate reconstruction allowing more satisfying aesthetic results. The aim of the present study is to evaluate the thickness of the subcutaneous IMF cushion using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) acquisition images.
Methods: We have gauged the right breast IMF subcutaneous cushion from patients (all the cases without previous surgery in this topography) who were submitted to MRI in a diagnosis radiology center, between January and February of 2017. MRI images were analyzed in T1 fat saturated sequences. The assessment of the fold cushion was realized in the projection of axial measurements in sagittal plane.
Results: Among the 50 evaluated patients, the median measure of breast base was 9.91 cm. The median measure of the subcutaneous IMF cushion assessment in the sagittal projection of the breast base meridian was 2.40 cm (varying from 1.34 to 4.05 cm, with percentile 5% of 1.51 cm and percentile 95% of 3.55 cm).
Conclusions: Other studies indicate the negligible amount of breast tissue and the low incidence of neoplasia in this topography, the preservation of the IMF seems feasible. The measurements of the IMF thickness, evaluated by MRI in this study, provide reference values for maintaining a desirable inframammary crease.