Identifying the dissection plane for mastectomy—description and visualization of our technique

Camilla Bille, Farima Dalaei, Jørn Bo Thomsen


In this visualized surgery paper, we present our experience identifying the optimal dissection plane in nipple-sparing mastectomy using hydrodissection through an inframammary incision. The surgical technique comprises of preoperative magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) aiming to assess the thickness and expected quality of the mastectomy flaps, an inframammary incision, and hydrodissection to assist the surgeon in identifying the optimal dissection plane. This surgical method results in an adequate resection of breast parenchyma to obtain the best oncological outcome, while retaining the maximum amount of subcutaneous adipose tissue on the skin flaps to achieve a superior aesthetic result resembling the natural breast. The mastectomy flap thickness and quality can then be assessed prior to an immediate reconstruction.