Direct to implant breast reconstruction: visualized technique

Ilana G. Margulies, Yasmina Zoghbi, Jordan Jacobs, Sarah P. Cate, C. Andrew Salzberg


Over the past 19 years, direct to implant (DTI) breast reconstruction has been found to decrease medical system cost, improve psychosocial morbidity, and optimize cosmetic outcomes. Acellular dermal matrices (ADMs) have further improved reconstructive outcomes, as the tissue incorporates with new angiogenesis and tissue regeneration. ADMs have been used by the senior author since 2000, and have since become a cornerstone of implant-based reconstruction. The senior author began using contoured perforated ready to use ADM in 2015 and is currently studying the effect of this change on breast reconstruction outcomes. This article details the senior author’s technique in performing DTI breast reconstruction and highlights the operative components necessary for success.