Article Abstract

Bleeding after prostatectomy: endovascular management

Authors: Anna Maria Ierardi, Maria Laura Jannone, Pietro Maria Brambillasca, Stefania Zannoni, Giovanni Damiani, Umberto G. Rossi, Antonio Maria Granata, Mario Petrillo, Gianpaolo Carrafiello


Background: To evaluate role of interventional radiology (IR) in post-surgical haemorrhagic complications of prostatectomy.
Methods: A retrospective study was performed. From April 2015 to January 2018, 10 patients referred to IR Department for haemorrhagic complications post radical prostatectomy (RP). All patients (mean age: 68.5 years; range, 58–85 years) were successfully treated with superselective trans-arterial embolization. We evaluated technical and clinical success and post procedural complications.
Results: Technical and clinical success was 100% (10/10) and no major complications were identified. No complications related to the endovascular procedures occurred. No recurrences during follow-up (8–20 months) were observed. Among minor complications, only 20% (2/10) developed mild post embolization syndrome.
Conclusions: The endovascular management of significant haemorrhage after prostatectomy is safe and long-term effective, with no major ischaemic events associated to embolization.