Article Abstract

Multi-detector computed tomography in the diagnosis and characterization of adrenal gland traumatic injuries

Authors: Gloria Addeo, Diletta Cozzi, Ginevra Danti, Elena Bertelli, Riccardo Ferrari, Silvia Pradella, Margherita Trinci, Vittorio Miele


Adrenal gland injuries after a blunt abdominal trauma are rare events and represent important indicators for severe trauma. Multidetector CT evolution with high volumetric resolution and fast acquisition with the use of multiplanar reformatted (MPR) visualization allows for an accurate and fast diagnosis of the adrenal gland for post-traumatic pathologies. While, before its introduction the diagnosis was made mainly postmortem or during surgery. Adrenal injuries are unilateral up to 90% of the cases involving most commonly the right gland; thoracoabdominal organs injuries are often also associated. Bilateral adrenal lesions are asymptomatic, potentially leading to the development of acute adrenal insufficiency. The purpose of the present review was to determine the prevalence, the mechanism of injury and the different CT appearances of adrenal trauma. Prognosis and management of adrenal injury will also be reviewed.