Article Abstract

The breast surgeons’ approach to mastectomy and prepectoral breast reconstruction

Authors: Toni Storm-Dickerson, Noemi M. Sigalove


The purpose of this review article is to discuss and highlight the data, techniques and our experience performing mastectomies in the setting of prepectoral breast reconstruction. Using a systematic review of the approach to mastectomy in the oncologic setting encompassing patient selection, safety, anatomy and methods including a literature review of mastectomy trends, safety data and outcomes, anatomy and our experience, we are able to illustrate the safety and utility of this technique. The literature strongly supports the oncologic safety of these methods. This review also supports the use of these techniques as a surgical approach to any mastectomy, with or without reconstruction, and addresses many of the factors involved in improving and maximizing outcomes. While, there are multiple and equally efficacious approaches to mastectomy, several surgical techniques can be used to improve outcomes and ensure optimal flap viability.