Article Abstract

Training the oncoplastic breast surgeon—current and future perspectives

Authors: Sue K. Down, Jerome H. Pereira, Sam Leinster, Andrew Simpson


Oncoplastic breast surgery has evolved to become a distinct subspecialty within the field of general surgery. The oncoplastic breast surgeon requires comprehensive knowledge and understanding of all aspects of breast oncology, in addition to technical proficiency in operative procedures to remodel and reconstruct the breast. This article describes current educational resources available for the training of oncoplastic breast surgeons both within the UK and internationally. A recent development is the online Master of Surgery degree in Oncoplastic Breast Surgery, based at the University of East Anglia in the UK. This innovative course combines delivery of clinical knowledge using interactive problem-based forum discussions with assessment of operative and decision making skills. The degree is facilitated and assessed by an expert specialist breast faculty, and requires students to achieve standards expected of a first year practising UK oncoplastic breast consultant. Future international developments using this blended educational model are discussed.