Article Abstract

Two-stage prepectoral breast reconstruction

Authors: Maurice Y. Nahabedian, Steven R. Jacobson


The options for prosthetic breast reconstruction have expanded and include prepectoral versus subpectoral location of devices as well as performing these operations in one- or two-stage. Current practice patterns are evolving toward the placement of devices in the prepectoral plane in a single stage. The authors’ patient selection criteria and surgical technique were reviewed and organized in a step-by-step format. On and off label techniques for acellular dermal matrix (ADM) assembly were reviewed. A review of surgical outcomes was completed. Two-stage reconstruction confers several advantages such as reducing pressure on the mastectomy skin flaps, optimal implant selection for the second stage and the opportunity to revise the reconstruction, all of which can increase the likelihood of a successful outcome. This manuscript will review the indications, techniques, and outcomes following prepectoral, two-stage prosthetic breast reconstruction.