Article Abstract

Metabolic syndrome in breast cancer

Authors: Víctor Manuel Vargas-Hernández, VM Vargas-Aguilar, Mario Adanm Moreno-Eutimio, Gustavo Acosta-Altamirano, JM Tovar-Rodriguez


Breast Cancer is a heterogeneous disease, progressive, currently, are classified according to in pattern of gene expression luminal A, luminal B, basal and HER-2neu + and Triple-negative, 75% to 80% have receptors positive hormonal and 15% to 20% are positive for hER-2neu and 10% to 20% are triple negative, with hormone receptor negative and HER2-neu and their diagnostic is made by exclusion, the Metabolic Syndrome is related to a higher incidence of these cancers where the insulin-leptin axisadiponectin are implicated in carcinogenesis.