Article Abstract

Meta analysis of efficacy and safety between Mammotome vacuum-assisted breast biopsy and open excision for benign breast tumor

Authors: Boni Ding, Daojin Chen, Xiaorong Li, Hongyan Zhang, Yujun Zhao


Objective: To compare the efficacy and safety between Mammotome vacuum-assisted breast biopsy (Mammotome VABB) and conventional open excision for benign breast tumor.
Methods: A computer-based online search of Medline, PubMed, Embase, Ovid, Cochrane Library, VIP, Wanfang, CNKI and Chinese Biological Medicine Database was performed, and conference references were manually searched. With the Cochrane Collaboration Guidelines, all randomized controlled trials comparing mammotome minimally invasive operation and conventional open excision were systematically reviewed. The Cochrane Collaboration’s RevMan 5.0 software was used for data analysis.
Results: A total of 15 studies involving 5,256 patients was included. Meta-analyses showed no significant difference in the size of tumor, postoperative hematomas, ecchymosis, ecchymoma and residual disease between Mammotome VABB and conventional open excision. Mammotome VABB was superior to open excision as to the size of incision, intraoperative blood loss, operative time, healing time, size of scar, wound infection and breast deformation.
Conclusions: Mammotome VABB is an ideal method for benign breast tumor.