Article Abstract

Robotic and endoscopic transoral thyroidectomy: feasibility and description of the technique in the cadaveric model

Authors: Bora Kahramangil, Khuzema Mohsin, Hassan Alzahrani, Daniah Bu Ali, Syed Tausif, Sang-Wook Kang, Emad Kandil, Eren Berber


Background: Numerous new approaches have been described over the years to improve the cosmetic outcomes of thyroid surgery. Transoral approach is a new technique that aims to achieve superior cosmetic outcomes by concealing the incision in the oral cavity.
Methods: Transoral thyroidectomy through vestibular approach was performed in two institutions on cadaveric models. Procedure was performed endoscopically in one institution, while the robotic technique was utilized at the other.
Results: Transoral thyroidectomy was successfully performed at both institutions with robotic and endoscopic techniques. All vital structures were identified and preserved.
Conclusions: Transoral thyroidectomy has been performed in animal and cadaveric models, as well as in some clinical studies. Our initial experience indicates the feasibility of this approach. More clinical studies are required to elucidate its full utility.