Article Abstract

Sinusoidal hemangioma of the breast: diagnostic evaluation management and literature review

Authors: Nikolaos S. Salemis


Vascular tumors of the breast are rare and may pose a diagnostic challenge. Breast hemangioma is a very rare benign vascular neoplasm accounting for 0.4% of all breast tumors. It is most commonly detected as an incidental microscopic finding in biopsy specimens obtained for unrelated reasons. We describe here a very rare case of a sinusoidal breast hemangioma in a postmenopausal patient who presented with a palpable breast mass. A complete surgical resection was performed because the tumor exhibited atypical imaging features. We conclude that although in carefully selected cases of breast hemangioma a conservative management with follow up imaging is a reasonable option, in cases with atypical imaging or pathological characteristics a complete surgical resection of the vascular tumor is mandatory in order to exclude the possibility of an underlying angiosarcoma.