Cryosurgery for breast fibroadenomas

Lizhi Niu, Binghui Wu, Kecheng Xu


Fibroadenomas are the most common benign tumors in the breast of women during their second and third decades of life, and account for 30% and 50% of all breast biopsies, and these rates rise to about 75% for biopsies in women under the age of 20. The tumors commonly present a painless, palpable, solid, rubbery, well-circumscribed, and movable mass with no associated risk of carcinoma. With the vast array of image-guided biopsy devices, fibroadenomas can be easily sampled and diagnosed. With use of ultrasoundguided cryoablation for breast fibroadenomas, there is little or no pain, targeted lesions are reduced in size or eliminated, scarring is minimal, cosmesis is outstanding, and patient satisfaction is excellent. Cryosurgery should be a preferred option for those patients desiring definitive therapy for their fibroadenomas without surgical intervention.