Special Issue on “Minimally Invasive Technique in Breast Diseases”

Published: 2014-01-24

Special Issue

Topic: Minimally Invasive Technique in Breast Diseases
Guest Editor: Boni Ding, MD, PhD, Third Xiangya hospital, Central South University, China

Breast conservation therapy has largely replaced mastectomy as the surgical treatment of choice for early stage breast cancer. Minimally invasive techniques have also developed a lot in the recent two decades. This Special Issue of Gland Surgery, guest edited by Dr. Boni Ding from Third Xiangya Hospital, is to provide an outstanding overview of key topics relevant to minimally invasive techniques in breast diseases. The issue is to be published in May Issue of 2014 with the following outline.

Preface (Guest editor)
Boni Ding, Third Xiangya Hospital, Changsha, China

Endoscopy-assisted breast-conserving surgery for breast cancer patients
Shinji Ozaki, Masahiro Ohara; Thomas Jefferson University, USA

Vacuum-assisted breast biopsy for breast cancer
Hai-Lin Park, and Jisun Hong; CHA University College of Medicine, Korea

Cryotherapy for breast cancer
Marek Rzaca; Regional Specialist Hospital, Poland

Intraoperative radiotherapy for breast cancer
Mo R Keshtgar; University College London, UK

Status of sentinel lymph node for breast cancer
Eugene S. Kim; Baylor College of Medicine, USA

Radiofrequency ablation for breast cancer
Hiroo Nakajima; Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine, Japan

Skin-sparing mastectomy
Vijay P Khatri; University of California, USA

Minimally invasive technique in benign breast lesions
Fatih L Balci and Sheldon M. Feldman; Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, USA