GS Annual Report (2015)

Published: 2016-03-01

Dear all,

We are glad to present you the 2015 Annual Report of the journal Gland Surgery (GS) here. In 2015, TP has made some progress. The total citation number has significantly increased from 26 in 2014 to 126 in 2015. In addition, five focused issues were published in this year. Moreover, the journal was exhibited internationally, attracting much attention. More information is shown in the Annual Report.

We give our sincere thanks to all our editorial board members, reviewers, authors and readers. We wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous 2016!

Best regards,

Editorial Office 

Gland Surgery


V2N4The effect of neck dissection on quality of life in patients with differentiated
thyroid cancer
V1N3Breast magnetic resonance imaging: non-mass-like enhancement
V2N1Breast magnetic resonance imaging: kinetic curve assessment
V2N1Siliconoma of the breasts
V1N1Sentinel lymph node micrometastases and isolated tumor cells in breast cancer: An evolving field
V1N1Breast Imaging Reporting and DataSystem (BI-RADS) of magnetics resonance
imaging: Breast mass
V3N2Radiofrequency ablation and breast cancer: a review
V3N1Primary and secondary angiosarcoma of the breast
V1N1Update on pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors
V1N1Expressions of D2-40, CK19, galectin-3, VEGF and EGFR in papillary thyroid