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Gland Surgery

Gland Surgery (Gland Surg; GS, Print ISSN 2227-684X; Online ISSN 2227-8575), launched in May 2012, indexed in PubMed/PubMed Central in June 2014 and SCIE in December 2018, is an open access, peer-reviewed journal focused on recent scientific advances in gland surgery. The 2018 Impact Factor for GS is 1.922.

As a bimonthly published journal, it aims at providing cutting-edge findings and practical information on diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of gland diseases, such as breast, thyroid, adrenal, pancreas surgery and other related fields. Dedicated to the understanding and treatment of gland diseases, this multidisciplinary periodical publishes articles that describe basic, translational and clinical research of gland disease from a range of fields as biomarkers, imaging, pathology, biology and interventional radiology etc. Readers can expect to gain new insights into diagnosis, therapeutic approaches and prognosis of gland diseases.

The journal is proud of the quality and content, which is further enhanced by a hands-on approach by its editorial team. Its international readership is reflected in the prestigious Editorial Board supported by numerous experts worldwide. It aims to advance and improve education in surgery and to diffuse knowledge on new and improved methods of teaching and practising surgery in all its branches.

The journal features original articles, case reports, cutting-edge reviews, surgical techniques and visualized surgery, thus representing a source of valuable, novel information for clinical and basic researchers alike. The entire submission and review process are managed through OJS, an electronic system to increase efficiency and ensure that submitted papers can be published within a short turnaround period.

Manuscripts Turnaround Time:
In-house review: 3-5 days

External peer review: 1 month

Revision time: 2-4 weeks

Publication Ahead of Print: within 1 month after being accepted

Formal publication: within 1-3 months after being accepted. Original Articles are listed as priority.

The Official Publication of:
The Society for Translational Medicine (STM), Hong Kong
AME Publishing Company 
Address: Rm C, 16/F, Kings Wing Plaza 1, No. 3 On Kwan Street, Shatin, NT, Hong Kong
Tel: +86 20 66355775
Email: editor@glandsurgery.org

Updated on June 21, 2019